Eat Well

eating healthy. made easy.

Fully-prepared, hand-made meals and snacks with ingredients from scratch to deliver
high-quality nutrition that tastes great.

Experience the convenience of a personal chef! We craft each meal by hand and
from scratch to ensure optimal nutrition and delicious taste.

Choose from a seasonal menu of meals and snacks each week based
on your health goals and preferences. 

Each meal is fully prepared and ready to eat, simply heat and enjoy!
Meals are fresh, never frozen and available every week to keep your refrigerator stocked.

eat well menu

Egg Omelet Cups + Fresh Fruit $7 2 hearty egg, lean turkey sausage and cheddar cheese omelet cups paired with a side of fresh seasonal fruit. 209 calories | 17g carbs | 17g protein | 12g Fat
Honey ginger glazed chicken breast mixed with sliced peppers, carrots, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, water chestnuts and riced cauliflower seasoned with toasted sesame seeds. 426 calories | 23g carbs | 47g protein | 17g fat
Fit Fix $9 Grilled chicken breast paired with roasted, seasoned sweet potatoes and fresh broccoli. 489 calories | 19g carbs | 50g protein | 22g fat
Burrito Bowl $9
Ground turkey crumbles mixed with seasoned cauliflower rice, black beans, diced peppers, tomatoes and guacamole. 448 calories | 22g carbs | 40g protein | 23g fat
PROTEIN BITES $4 (3 per container) (3) Honey Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip 194 calories | 20g carbs | 6g protein | 10g fat
PROTEIN BITES $4 (3) Lemon Coconut 142 calories | 11g carbs | 4g protein | 7g fat

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Your order will be available for pick-up every Sunday at b.well brookings between 1-3pm.
Order confirmation and reminder email will be sent prior to pick-up.

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